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    GlobalTestMarket is a market research panel.  They gather the opinions of people from more than 200 countries worldwide. They have an excellent marketing reputation and are among the best online paid surveys companies.

    GlobalTestMarket is one of the leaders in online paid surveys. The panel is completely free to register and requires no investment. Once registered, you provide some information about your profile to give them an idea of the kind of investigation you can do. It is essential to give them your preferences in surveys so they can determine if you meet the necessary criteria to participate in polls.

    Once you’ve finished creating your profile, you will receive an email inviting you to complete various online paid surveys. You will be immediately informed of new available surveys. GlobalTestMarket pays you when you have a minimum of $50 in MarketPoints. The accumulation of points is usually pretty good! You will be paid by check in CAD (Canadian dollars) to your home address or by Paypal.

    GlobatTestMarket always pays the users for completing surveys. To our knowledge, the company has received almost no complaints in this regard.

    * We recommend GlobalTestMarket because it is reliable and pays well according to the number of surveys you will do!

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